Leicester City’s title run-in


If you follow me on Twitter, you’re probably well aware that I’m an ardent Leicester City supporter; and unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’ll be well aware that we are currently on the brink of one of the most unbelievable achievements in footballing history.

Yesterday, I watched the Manchester United – Leicester City game in Leicester City Centre with Jakub Krupa, a friend and journalist from the Polish Press Agency (PAP). A few of my quotes from Kuba’s article can be found on the website of Polsat Sport – one of Poland’s largest sports websites.

Also, my three-year-old son Rivers got his first taste of fame yesterday, appearing in The Sunday Times (p.17), in front of the wonderful Claudio Ranieri grafitti mural created by the amazingly talented Richard Wilson (RichardWilsonArtwork.com). Thanks to Richard for both creating the fantastic piece of work in the first place, and for being patient whilst the photographers and journalists were preventing him from finishing it off. A truly amazing tribute to our fantastic season.

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