September 18th 2014 – Legia Warsaw: A Close look at Lokeren’s opponent in the Europa League

Ahead of their Europa League opener against Lokeren, for on Legia Warsaw.

September 8th 2014 – Gibraltar 0 Poland 7: Seventh heaven as Pole stars get Euro 2016 qualification campaign off to a flyer

A match report for the Daily Record, of Poland’s Euro 2016 Qualifying opener against Gibraltar.

July 27th 2014 – Celtic v Legia Warsaw: Polish football expert reveals knives are already out for Henning Berg as ex-Rangers star prepares to face Bhoys

Prior to Legia Warsaw’s Champions League Third Qualifying Round clash with Celtic, an article for the Daily a Record on the Polish Champions.

June 18th 2014 – “Dad, what is the Champions League?”

Ahead of Legia Warszawa’s Champions League Qualifying campaign, a look at Poland’s troubles in Europe for In Bed With Maradona.

June 1st 2014 – Czy to możliwe? Angielski dziennikarz promuje Ekstraklasę

Interviewed by Journalist Sebastian Czaplinski on my experience as a Polish football writer from the UK.

January 29th 2014 – Can Dominik become Furman for Toulouse?

For French Football Weekly on Toulouse’s new signing: Polish international Dominik Furman.

October 15th 2013 – Poland’s five dangermen

Ahead of their World Cup Qualifying clash, a look at Poland’s five dangermen for Mirror Football.

October 14th 2013 – Błaszczykowski and Lewandowski have the ability to make things difficult for England

A scouting report for Mirror Football on the Polish national team ahead of their World Cup qualifier against England.

October 14th 2013 – Five things you didn’t know about Poland…

For, featuring a six-toed striker, Kuba’s uncle, and Roy McFarland.

August 26th 2013 – Time Poland dropped Robert Lewandowski

For When Saturday Comes Magazine’s “WSC Daily”, pondering whether Robert Lewandowski should be dropped from the Poland National team.

August 22nd 2013 – Back from the brink, but pelted off the pitch

For the newly relaunched on Polonia Warszawa’s return to action after their demotion from the Ekstraklasa.

June 20th 2013 – Debts, Cracks and Violence: 2013 – A very Polish Hangover

For In Bed With Maradona; one year on from Euro 2012, and Poland’s domestic game is still filled with problems.

May 7th 2013 – Warsaw’s second team may be denied league place

For When Saturday Comes Magazine’s “WSC Daily” section, on Polonia Warszawa’s licensing troubles.

November 12th 2012 – How Roy McFarland cost Poland the World Cup

A profile of former Poland and Górnik Zabrze star Włodzimierz Lubański for In Bed With Maradona.

October 30th 2012 – Polish National Stadium chief sacked

A short news piece for Mirror Football on the dismissal of Stadion Narodowy boss Robert Wojtaś.

October 16th 2012 – Poland – England Scouting Reports

Two scouting reports on Poland, ahead of their World Cup Qualifying game against England in Warsaw; one for Mirror Football, and one for The Stiles Council.

September 24th 2012 – The Multi-Talented Mr Kuchar

A profile of former Polish International footballer, Ice Hockey player, athlete and Speed Skater, for In Bed With Maradona.

June 2012 – Euro 2012 (Mirror Football,, Unibet and

June 20th 2012 – England 1-0 Ukraine Match Report

June 18th 2012 – Germany 2-1 Denmark Match Report

June 17th 2012 – Host of disappointed fans as euro 2012 fairytale ends

June 17th 2012 – Czech Rep. 1-0 Poland Match Report

June 17th 2012 – A surprise too far? Euro 2012 will be poorer without Poland

June 16th 2012 – The Group of Shocks

June 16th 2012 – Czech Rep. – Poland Expert v Expert preview

June 16th 2012 – Lech Wałęsa Interview (Interview by Ash Sharma, Words by Ryan Hubbard)

June 16th 2012 – From personal tragedy to National Hero: The extraordinary rise of Jakub Błaszczykowski

June 13th 2012 – Polański directs Poles to crucial draw

June 13th 2012 – Poland 1-1 Russia Match Report

June 12th 2012 – Poland – Russia Expert v Expert Preview

June 12th 2012 – Ukraine 1-2 Sweden Match Report

June 12th 2012 – Rise of the Tytoń: The latest hero in a long line of Polish keepers

June 9th 2012 – Were you watching Manchester United? How summer transfer target Robert Lewandowski fared in Euro 2012 opener

June 9th 2012 – Bullying first half, but poor finish adds to pressure

June 9th 2012 – Poland 1-1 Greece Match Report

June 8th 2012 – Poland’s ideal script tor up as Szczęsny loses the plot

June 8th 2012 – Buoyant Poles looking for fast start

June 8th 2012 – Poland – Greece Expert v Expert Preview

June 8th 2012 – Underestimate Poland at your peril: Why the co-hosts could be Euro 2012’s Dark Horses

June 8th 2012 – Euro 2012 Team Preview: Poland

June 4th 2012 – Euro 2012 gives Poland the change to bring back the glory days of Boniek, Lato and Deyna

May 28th 2012 – The latest in the line of Great Polish goalkeepers – Wojciech Szczęsny

May 26th 2012 – In Bed With Maradona Euro 2012: For Poland

My look at the Polish National team ahead of Euro 2012 for In Bed With Maradona.

April/May 2012 – In Bed With Maradona Euro 2012 City Guides

Myself and Stuart Fuller of The Ball Is Round created eight city guides for the Euro 2012 hosts Warsaw, Wrocław, Gdańsk, Poznań, Kharkiv, Lviv, Donetsk and Kyiv; all for In Be With Maradona.

May 15th 2012 – Teams of Euro 2012: Poland

Ahead of Euro 2012, a quick preview for The Football Project of the Polish National Team.

May 14th 2012 – The Butcher of Turin – A Profile of Artjoms Rudnevs

Followin the Latvian striker’s move from Lech Poznań to Hamburger SV, a profile on Rudnevs for Bundesliga Football.

April 17th 2012 – The Rebirth of LKS Pogoń Lwów

A piece for In Bed With Maradona on the revival of one of Poland’s oldest clubs – LKS Pogoń Lwów – now plying their trade in the Ukrainian lower leagues.

February 17th 2012 – The World Football Podcast Episode 4: Poland

Myself and Michał Zachodny guested on the fantastic “World Football Podcast” to discuss Polish football. Also available on iTunes.

November 2nd 2011 – Górnik Zabrze ME – Polonia Warszawa ME  and Ruch Chorzów – Legia Warszawa

Part two of my European Football Weekend to the south of Poland, where we took in games at the two biggest rivals in the area, and got a tram hijacked by 100 Ruch fans.

November 1st 2011 – Wisła Kraków – Jagiellonia Białystok

The first part of my European Football Weekend to Poland, featuring five stadia, a bus journey to Kraków, and a game at the Polish Champions.

October 7th 2011 – Oswięcim

Another appearance on the World-Famous In Bed With Maradona, showing that there is more to the Polish town of Oswięcim than just the nearby historical site.

September 22nd 2011 – Interview: James Sinclair (Polonia Bytom)

I wrote a little bit about, and then interviewed Polonia Bytom’s English defender James Sinclair for the website that follows English players abroad – Les Rosbifs.

September 15th 2011 – Spotlight on Wisła Kraków

Ahead of their Europa League tie with Danish club OB Odense, my look at Polish Champions Wisła Kraków for Nordic Football website Stone by Stone Football.

August 4th 2011 – Through Gritted Teeth: Polonia Warszawa

As part of Twisted Blood’s Through Gritted Teeth series, my take on Jozef Wojciechowski and Polonia Warszawa.

July 28th 2011 – Ekstraklasa Preview 2011/12

A preview and prediction for the Polish Ekstraklasa season ahead, for the Slavic Football Union.

July 27th 2011 – Podbeskidzie: We’ve Only Waited 104 Years

The story of TS Podbeskidzie Bielsko-Biała, the Polish Ekstraklasa’s newest club; written for the world-famous In Bed With Maradona. This article was also included on the World Soccer Magazine website.

July 18th 2011 – A Bad Romance: Polish Clubs and European Football:

Back at the fantastic In Bed With Maradona, my look at Poland’s struggle in European club football; and could this finally be the year they break the “curse”?

July 8th 2011 – Make or Break Time for Górnik Zabrze:

A debut article for The Slavic Football Union detailing the financial problems and the tough task faced at Górnik Zabrze.

June 9th 2011 – Five Fun Facts: Górnik Zabrze:

Number 6 in Footysphere’s Five Fun Facts series, I give five interesting nuggets of information on my second team, 14-time Polish Champions Górnik Zabrze.

February 16th 2011 – The City of Knives:

In the lead up to Euro 2012, I highlighted the hooliganism problem faced by joint hosts Poland for IBWM.

February 10th 2011 – Lower Leagues Across the Globe #7: Poland:

As part of The Seventy Two‘s Lower Leagues Across the Globe series, I have taken a look at the lower leagues in Poland’s football pyramid.


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